• Wow, what an experience!
      The energy was beautiful....
      I felt such a deep sense of peace afterwards.
    Reiki Student, Canada
  • On the whole, I feel refreshed and great! 

    Looking forward to next month.

    Reiki Master, UK
  • Tammy
    ... Wow! ... I could see the light illuminating as it stopped at certain spots in the world ... Reiki wrapping ... around the earth as a ball of yarn... we formed a chain of senders... transformed into a web of even more senders joining in ... into a grid.
    I look forward to more!

    Full story: World Healing Testimonials
    Reiki Practitioner
  • Kevin
    The love, that rained onto the world and universe today, will have many effects upon the change and transformation around us. We must not allow expectations to skew what change is occurring.
    If some other people participating have not noticed change or things happening,  remind them: when it rains on the lake, it's not easy to see.
    Life Energy Guide, Canada

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Pricing – Personal Distance Healing Sessions

Participation in the global We Are One World Healing Sessions are free. And while the benefits might be more subtle, healing takes nonetheless place.

There is however a fee for private distance healing or space clearing sessions with me or any of my other reputable, experience and certified Reiki Masters and practitioners I work with.