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Reiki space clearing

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Space Clearing is required when our environment has significant negative impact on our health and well-being.

Experiencing a positive flow of energy in your home is important. Reiki replaces the negative energy with positive rays.

spaceclearing roma

It is particularly useful when a property changes ownership, tenancy, after visitors, or after a dramatic (life altering) situation occured:

  • landlords: to prepare a rental for a prospective new tenant
  • sellers: prospective buyers will feel the positive vibrations when entering your home
  • buyers: to clear the energy of previously inhabiting spirits and/or to replace staleness with strong positive energy
  • home-makers: to clear the energy after nuisance guests; after challenging family visits; after a divorce or sickness; after a burglary or similar significant events
  • Children, pets and sensitive indivuals: everyone benefits from spaceclearing.

The time required to clear the space of your home varies on the size of property, extend of negative energy, feng shui challenges, and spirits.

I like to take 1 hour for a first session, upon which I will have a better grasp of the situation and can offer you a offer you a plan for continuation, if necessary.


Which Next Steps to Take?

  1. Start writing out the problems with your home and your life situations.
  2. Describe what you would like to achieve with the space clearing, and what your budget is for this purpose.
  3. Send me an email to request an appointment for spaceclearing.



 OM, il suono sacro dell'universo rappresenta 'tutta la creazione che lavora insieme' . Om pulisce, stabilizza e chiude l' aura. Porta luce, purifica, protegge e ci collega a Dio. Rappresenat creazione, mantenimento  e distruzione. Om apre il chakra della corona e, se portato sopra la testa, apre una strada verso Dio e conoscenza superiore.


Every case is different. Perhaps an old grandmother died in a beautiful country home that you wish to purchase. Or, your children are gone to college or got married.

All these are perfect times to spaceclear the home and to purify its energy so that it best supports you.

Spaceclearing through the use of my clairaudient distant reiki, offers you a list of ideas and solutions as well as clearer air to breath, and sound sleep at night.

Reiki for



Examples of Space Clearing

Successfully improved the mood and functionality of houses in various siutations.

reiki roma

My first spaceclearing-project was to resolve relationship problems after a divorce, and to create new life into the space.

In the process, I identified many energetic imbalances, and offered a long list of ideas and solutions to counterbalance Feng Shui problems. After the space clearing, and increasingly as the suggestions were implemented, the home felt much happier.

Another project was to remove persistent pestering spirits from an appartment. It was so bad that then new owners almost immediately put it back on the market for sale. Right after the first spaceclearing session, potential buyers became interested in buying the property, whereas prior to the clearing there was no buyers' interest. After the second spaceclearing session the owner decided she prefered to stay in the property. She liked the location and with the spirits gone, it actually was a nice place.

reiki roma

Another spaceclearing was a bit different. This house under construction... for almost 10 years! Without any progress in the last few years.

A squatter had moved into the part of the building that was most completed. I am happy to say that the squatter is finally gone and they construction of the house is in full force.

And there are more examples.

I worked on large mansions, appartments and simple houses in the country. In all cases, negative energy of the space literally disturbed the energy of my clients physically and emotionally.


Space Clearing Books

In the meanwhile of awaiting your appointment, peruse my online reference books on space clearing & Feng Shui .


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Astrid offers energy healing, Reiki training & services, including Reiki-centered healing retreats for international clients from all over the US, Canada, Europe and the UK..

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