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Astrid Lee

Based in West Vancouver, BC, Canada, Astrid exclusively focuses on the gentle, spiritual healing method of Reiki.

Her clairvoyance during treatments allows her to channel healing messages for her clients supporting the treatment.

As Astrid personally benefitted tremendously from Reiki in recent years, she felt the need to focus on Reiki as a Healing Practitioner, and became a Certified Practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Even though Astrid learned Shiatsu in Tokyo, Japan, in 1987, she exclusively treats using Reiki Energy.


Client Recommendations

Astrid Lee is an excellent, certified practitioner, who is highly recommended by her clients. They say:

"Astrid is a very professional and excellent Reiki practioner. She gave me a very powerful treatment and I felt the energy flowing through all parts of my body. My body started to release (toxins?) within minutes and it continued throughout the next day!"

"Her Reiki helps me with my back issues and with gaining clearer inner-vision. Plus, her intuition is very strong and she provides practical messages. I am definitely continuing my sessions with her.'
(current client)


"I always feel lighter and taller after treatment". (current client)


"It was great! "
(current client)

For more testimonies, see Distance Reiki.


Astrid Lee follows the Code of Ethics of international Reiki Associations.

Reiki Rates

1 Hr (and 10 min)
West Vancouver, within 5 mile radius:

At Healing Centre: $75
At Practitioner's Studio: $60
At Client's Home (1 1/2 hr): $150

Single Trial or Booster Session: $29
Week of Daily Sessions: $175
(6 treatments of approx. 30 min)

4 Prepaid in-person Reiki Sessions: 10% off.
Seniors: 10% off.

Bring a friend along for treatment to one of your sessions, and receive 1/2 hr free

A FREE treatment for 4 referrals..

Gift Certficates Available.

Contact Astrid
(604) 725-3292
(604) 630-2409


Astrid's Lineage

Astrid is in the Direct Lineage of

  • Dr. Mikao Usui -- Founder Usui Reiki Healing Society, Tokyo Japan
  • Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
  • Mrs. Hawayo Takata -- Introduced Reiki to the West
  • Master Judy Carol Stewart -- One of only 100 Reiki Masters worldwide in her time
  • Master Barbara Rama Seltzer -- Santa Barbara, CA, US
  • Reiki Practitioner Astrid Lee

  OM, the sacred sound of  the Universe represents 'All of creation working together'. 

Om cleans, stabilizes and seals the aura.

It brings in light, purifies, protects and connects us with God. It represents creation, preservation and destruction.  
Om opens the crown chakra and if drawn above the head, opens a pathway to God and higher consciousness.

  • Astrid undertook further studies in Reiki in Vancouver, Canada.

    Besides receiving her Reiki II Certification, Astrid Lee is also attuned to the Tibetan Master Symbol, Dumo, called Dai Ko Mio in Tibetan.

    Dumo represents the swirling heat of the Kundalini. It is the heat felt over the spine as the Kundalini awakens.This heat is the unification of the body and the mind. It ignites this fire in the root chakra, pulls negative energy and disease from the body and releases it. It heals on the deepest of levels.

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Therapeutic Reiki, West Vancouver, BC

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