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Client Testimonials

"I was suffering from a serious trauma within my mind. It felt as if my mind was about to break and I wasn't sure what was going to be on the other side but It felt like insanity would rule.

It was as if my mind was being taken over by some one other than myself. It became louder and louder and my defences were growing weaker and weaker.

It came to me in my sleep and prevented me from getting the rest that I required to fight it off. My fear was great and this only made the situation worse.At my wits end I turned to find the help of others.

This is when I came to find Astrid Lee and her website. I called her phone number and described my dire situation to her, she instantly assessed the situation and told me that she would be able to help me.

She became a light house to my ship that was lost at sea. Her calm voice took the wheel of my ship and started steering me towards the shore.

She sent me distant Reiki healing and it came over me instantly and began to soothe my mind and body, calming me down.

I was able to sleep that night and my energy levels began to increase as a direct result.

The next two nights we repeated the same process and my mind became clear again and my thoughts seemed to be mine again.

As much as I was impressed with her ability to send healing over a distance I was amazed with her ability to receive physic messages as to my exact condition and her ability to see me although we were many miles apart.

I can honestly say that I'm not sure where my mental health would be today if I was not healed by this amazing woman's gifts."


(humble note from Astrid: although the above might make you believe otherwise, I am not a miracle maker and merely help my clients heal themselves.)


"I want to say thanks for your help and support. Many positive things are occurring & the situation with my daughter is better."
Monique (Reiki Master)




"As a healer who is just waking up to his true potential, there have been some (scary) bumps along the road. Astrid Lee has been a wise old soul and a guiding light to me.

I am truly blessed to be a recipient of her wonderful insight and (Reiki) healing.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who is in need of healing or is considering learning how to become a healer themselves. "

Mark Lemon



You can find more testimonials on my credentials page.



  OM, the sacred sound of  the Universe represents 'All of creation working together'. 

Om cleans, stabilizes and seals the aura.

It brings in light, purifies, protects and connects us with God. It represents creation, preservation and destruction.  
Om opens the crown chakra and if drawn above the head, opens a pathway to God and higher consciousness.

Distant Reiki Client Testimonial

Client of a Week Distance Reiki package:

'Dear Astrid,

I wanted to write this letter to let you know how happy and impressed I am with the work you've been doing with me.

I have discovered and experienced many interesting responses to your treatments.

The first treatment I received was to help with my migraines which have been defeating me for several years now. During our first remote treatment, I experienced the most unique response, while attempting to relax and receive your energy, I felt a cooling and tingling sensation from head to toe, and was actually able to slip into a restful sleep.

Over the next several treatments, I again experienced physical reactions that I can only connect to your treatments. I found I had 'jello legs' because I was feeling so relaxed at times and a new found clarity within my emotions.

"I truly enjoy your openness to discuss your messages with me and to help me explore my personal struggles. I have begun to feel an inner peacefulness that is quite rare due to my extremely challenging life, both personal and work related.

I have not experienced another migraine since beginning work with you and I really can't thank you enough for helping relieve the pain.

I look forward to continuing your treatments and thank you again for all your help. I highly recommend you and am happy to express my satisfaction to any of your clients. Please feel free to pass on my cell number to anyone interested in exploring your Reiki treatments.

All the best to you," Laura H.

(The long letter below is from a client who I supported through MAJOR surgery,and then through financial challenges . The client was a 'collector' -- of everything. )


Delightful results!

" It was amazing. I absolutely enjoyed the distance Reiki I have received over the last few weeks from you. Everything was good about it. In particular: after major surgery with a big incision, I had no pain." (Client was released 1-2 days early from hospital compared to normal).

Healing Manifestation: With positive aspirations for prosperity, after a treatment, prosperity began to come my way in totally unexpected ways. It wasn't money, but things such as the pharmacy giving me my prescription free because I changed from a brand name to a generic drug and my doctor offering to reduce his rates to keep me healthy because he knows my insurance won't cover his care otherwise.
Other things too like an unexpected little refund from the phone company, finding that a vase that I probably bought from a thrift store for $1 because I liked it turns out to be by a famous potter and worth a few hundred dollars, etc.

Also, I've had a block about getting rid of things and I'm happy to say that I now have the energy to work at getting rid of lots of things that I don't need anymore. I just sold a washer and dryer that I don't need anymore that have been taking up space in storage.

I would definitely recommend your Reiki treatments to others. They have helped me in both expected and unexpected ways!

Treatment details: weeks of distance Reiki, phone discussions relating psychic healing messages (re Karma and physical issues), complemented by tailored affirmations.



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