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distance healing

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Distant healingHow Distance Healing Reiki Works

Distance healing or distant Reiki, can be sent remotely to you or someone you love.

There are no time nor space restrictions to distant Reiki. Healing can be sent to any place in the world, and to a different time.

Anyone can benefit from Reiki healing - You don't have to be ill or severly injured to benefit from Reiki energy. Reiki goes where it's most needed and rebalances you.

distance healing

Distant Reiki Healing Explained

I have written a very comprehensive 2-part distant healing article on my blog:

It covers ..

  • What is Reiki;
  • Benefits of Distant Reiki;
  • Sitations for which to use Distant healing;
  • What it feels like to receive Distant healing;
  • Preparation for Recieving Distant Reiki;
  • and more.


distant healingInterested in Your Own Healing Session?

Click this Distant Healing Request Form to sign up for a session.

Or, if you have some questions first, contact Reiki Master Astrid Lee by email at therapeuticreiki@gmail.com.

For urgent healing cases, use email as it's the fastest way to connect with me.

distant healing

Distance Healing Reiki

This letter is from a client who received a 4- week package of Distant Reiki:

'Dear Astrid,

I wanted to write this letter to let you know how happy and impressed I am with the work you've been doing with me. ...

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Distant healingYour Reiki Session Time

While 10 minutes of Reiki could heal a simple headache, a single treatment is not recommended for serious illness.

Most people need a minimum of 3-4 hours of Reiki to heal from issues & conditions that they've suffered from for a while.

I have found my 4 x 45 minutes Distant Reiki Value Package works very well.

Newcomers to Reiki may wish to start with a single treatment, and then get the the distant reiki week package.

Variances: I ask my Reiki spirit guides to indicate how much reiki you'll need - frequency and for how long.

distance healing
More Distant Healing Testimonials

'What Clients Say about
Astrid Lee's distance Reiki.

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