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Angels, Channeling & Guides

Archangels, angels and other Divine guides -- you all have the ability to channel their messages and to utilize their Divine Guidance.

Learn more about (Arch-) Angels & Guides through Channeling


So often used successfully as a complemetary therapy to Reiki and other healing techniques, I recommend learning about the healing properties of the various essential oils for home use as well as during treatments. Essential oils make great gifts too!

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about Aromatherapy


Buddhism, Medicine Buddha

The most healing Buddha of all is the Medicine Buddha. Learn about the valuable insights to be obtained while studying the power and the teachings of this Buddha as well as Buddhism in general.

Learn More
about Buddha


Healing with Crystals

Crystals are healing entities in their own right. The can offer tremendous solace or encourage you on to action. Each has its own properties, vibrations and purpose in healing. The healing power of Rose Quartz is undisputed, however there are many other crystals whose usefulness is yet to be uncovered... by you. A worthwhile study topic.

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about Crystals


Only when we clear out old negative emotions and grudges, can we become whole. Anger, pain, frustration can be transformed for good through forgiveness and compassion. Lessons for the soul.

Learn more
about Forgiveness

Healing Chakras & Auras

Chakras are the healing energy centers in our body that help us manifest our good. Ensuring they are balanced is an ongoing process. Auras are complements to chakras and each layer offers a different energetic sphere for you to work with: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. There are a few articles on this topic on the website. Beyond this, there are some great books to be had.

Learn more about
Chakras & Auras Books

Inspirational Stories

Besides Mother Theresa and Gandhi, there are some other inspirational stories of how the soul can shine through and gets us to implement our mission right on. Aspiring for good, without force.

Inspirational Stories

Law of Attraction, Abundance, Wealth

The Secret never was a secret. The law of attraction, how to magnetize abundance, wealth and 'all good' in your life has been described by many. Here's a selection of our favorite books on these topics.

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about Law of Attraction, Abundance & Wealth


Keeping perspective can be achieved with quiet meditation. Everything can fall into place when we sit stil.

We are human 'being's not human 'doings' and the art of meditation will further our course. Aid in building power and concentration.

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about Meditation


Food. You are what you eat. Healing is not just a spiritual phenomena: on the most basic physical level, learning about nutrition and what our body needs, brings about awareness of nutrition. This awareness is the first step in the process of improving our health.

Learn more
about Nutrition

Reiki Energy Healing

There are some excellent books on Reiki and other Healing Energy systems, which I have collected on this page, for your consideration.

Learn more about
Reiki Energy Healing


None can heal you but you. This is what it is all about: self-healing. Incl. Louise Hay.

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about Self-Healing

Shamanism, Wicca

Honoring Mother Earth and the Elements offer systems for being in tune with our environment and to reveal insights for our daily life. My favorite books are here:

Learn more
about Shamanism or Wicca

Space Cleansing (Feng Shui- Environmental Cleaning)

You breath in the air around you. You're exposed to the vibes in your environment. To live a happy, healthy life, ensure your environment is 'clean' and 'attuned' to the power of Feng Shui.

Learn more
about Space Cleansing


Spirituality goes beyond religion. It's about connecting to the Divine. There are many ways of heighten one's spiritual path. I would like the Divine to tell us which information is of use to us all. Spiritual research does this for me.

Learn more
about Spirituality

State of the World

There are plenty of resources on specific issues of world affairs. Further there are excellent magazines that truly cover what's going on in the world. Best of all are these books that I found on 'The State of the World, cited here.

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about The State of The World is the site of Reiki Master Teacher Astrid Lee (originally established in Vancouver, Canada, now operating worldwide).
Astrid offers distance healing, Reiki training and Reiki-centered healing retreats from time to time for international clients from all over the US, Canada and Europe/UK..

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