World Peace Today, All Day

Fancy that… If you could just call a World Peace Day, where the world would truly be in peace, all day. No arms, no conflict, no violence. Only tolerance, love and compassion….

Well, we CAN actually HAVE THIS, in a mini-way, and decide that ‘today there will be NO violence or suffering, but ONLY kindness & care in your life, all day.’ It is international peace day today, it is YOUR peace day!

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It would mean (perhaps??!!) changing a few habits…. Not killing that fly. Putting a coin in that held-out empty coffee cup on the street corner. Taking your time to walk to the post office, instead of, in your car, cursing everyone who’s in your way on busy main street ~ just because you are in a hurry. Smiling to that nasty bastard of a colleague and instead bestowing him with unconditional love and forgiveness (try that for a day….!!), Oh, and a few other little changes, no doubt.

I left a comment on someone else’s blog today saying that ‘love is a decision’. Likewise, peace is a decision. It is our decision, we are the ones deciding. Peace is not mostly a political thing, but mostly a heart-connected individual decision, multiplied by 6+ billion.

Try it:
Just for today, be in peace, all day!

Astrid Lee,
who has decided to have a perfectly peaceful day.

btw Today is an EXCELLENT DAY to decide to join our worldwide meditation/reiki healing group, We Are One World Healing. Our monthly meditation for world peace is truly a joyful experience.

We look forward to you joining in on our next session on October 4 (full moon). You can find all about it on this blog.

Pictures Depicting Peace

Help your peace visualization power along, and have a look at my online photo album of pictures of peace. Om.