World Healing Meditation at the foot of a Stupa in Chile

Here’s another grreat and lengthy account of World Healing experience from Ziggy, in Chile. I can closely relate to the story being a buddhist myself, and finishing my latest painting: a Stupa of Enlightenment. Here’s his story:

“I am so blessed these days, I was introduced several weeks ago to one of the Lamas, Lama Norvu, he is stationed at the Stupa here in Chile, it is one of only two that are located outside of India, the other is in Brazil.

For the last couple weeks I have attended meditaion sesions he has been holding in nearby Pucon. He invited me to go with a small group to the meditaion hall located on the property on the 28th for a healing and meditation dedicated to sending gratitude and energy out to the suffering in the world.
It would be an early moring meditaion and I thought wow what a way to kick off my World Healing Day, God is so good to me.

It has been snowing here for several weeks and I was so ready for the sun to shine and shine it did, I woke to the most perfect day and the enrgy was so easy to feel, as if it followed me as I prepard for my day. Joining several other friend we road and walked to the top of the mountian where the hall is located, the Stupa.

Link to the Stupa

Several in the group had just a few hours before watched the total eclipse of the moon visible here as the sun rose and the moon set. One can not help but admire the amazing views as you make the hike up to the Stupa, the snow covered Andes mountains in the back ground and the active volcano Ruka Pallin in the for ground surround you with the power that is Gods creation.

The first thing you see as you enter the property is the tower that rises above the Stupa (see photo) it is located in the center of the property and there is a gravel path surrounding it, we did our bows and prayers and then walked around it paying tribute to the Buddha that lay behind a glass shield on the top.

The mediation hall is made of wood and sits on the back of the property, Lama Norvu told me of their plans to build 20ft tall cement standing Buddha on the lawn in front of the hall and to surround it with several small mediation rooms. He said this would be a receptacle for the transmitter they had built in Nepal that would send energy and prayers directly to this location and that it was determined that this was a very powerful place and from it much healing would come.

I smile as I thought of my plans to build an earths healing center just 1000 yards from this spot in the valley below. We entered the hall and lit incense, candles and filled the chalices with water. The Lama assumed a position on the small platform in the front of the room and we took our seats on the small pillows to his side.

The mediation was to be for the relief of suffering of all beings on the planet, we were instructed to bring into the room all our friends and family and even our enemies if we had any. I thought about our world healing group and how it was gaining momentum, I thought about all the special people who though out this day would send their healing energy to help the planet and its inhabitants and I mentally brought each of them into the room and connect them to this special spiritual place and ask the powers that were here to boost the power of their offerings and help manifest all that was ask for.

The mantra was started and as it moved along I could feel the energy that being connected to others brought. I saw the winds of the south as they blew through the trees out the window and thought about how they cleaned the air we breath and kept us all alive and I added my energy to its cleansing, I saw the water on the altar and thought about the water of the west and how we all depend on it for our life as I sent my cleansing energy to all the water of the planet, I saw the fire in the candles and thought about the warmth of the sun and the glow of the northern lights and how their energy helps the food grow that all inhabitants of mother Giai depend on for nourishment and I added my strong pure energy to its.

I smelled the incense and thought about the east and the earth and how it provides us with so much we depend on to live and I sent it cleansing energy directly to its center.

Then I saw us all sitting in a circle and it hit me all of the elements depend on us, they depend on this energy we are sending as much as we depend on them and that with out any one of us the others would not survive and I prayed for all the suffering in the world and I pulled in the energy from the lotus flower I was sitting on and I sent it out 1000 times more powerful to help heal all that was in need and I felt peace. All around the world gatherings are taking place to help Heal.

The GoGratitude movement ( )
The Celestine Global Prayer Project ( )

Our world healing movement and many others all for the purpose of improving the planet we live on and the being that enjoy its greatness. I thank you all for the energy I feel in your healing and I thank God for his compassion for us all.”