My World Healing Experience Oct ‘07

Astrid, had a very nice healing this month. I could really feel the energy increasing as more join our little group. Here is a little reflection of my experience.

I am an Earth Healer. I am a religion of 1. Each month I join other Earth Healers here at and together we HEAL the universe and the universe smiles.

The Dala Lama says “It may be necessary to find new forms of religions”. In a way that is what we do with our healing energy when we send it out to the universe, each one, a prayer, a religion of one.

My normal process for sending energy is to begin by healing myself, each of my chakras and then reaching out I heal those close to me, then I move out to the animals and all the Earth elements, until I am finally out at the edge of the universe and there I send the Deity energy and thank him-her for the healing I get every day.

On this day’s We Are On World meditation, I was about a half hour into it and while sending energy to the Deity I heard his-her voice. ¨Can I ask you a question?¨ ¨Please do¨ was my response.

¨Why do you always start your healing close and then move out to the universe?¨ I thought about this weeks meditation with the Lama in town, his message was that we should learn to give as much compassion to other animals as we do our pets.

Why do we tend to hold tight to those close to us yet ignore the suffering at a distance?

I responded to the Deities question. ¨I am selfish, I want to make sure I touch those that touch me.¨

He spoke again, ¨I hear so many times in your meditation you say ¨We are all one energy,¨ do you truly believe that?¨

¨Yes I do.¨ I responded. Then HEAL that one energy and you HEAL all that there is. There is no big, no small, no close, no far away, it all just is. If you HEAL, love and care for that one energy, you heal, love and care for all beings, elements, particles and atoms, those close to you will receive the same amount of healing energy and the rest of all that exists will enjoy your love.

You are a (wo) man of calling, an Earth Healer, a religion on one, doing what you do best, HEAL (Healing Earth and Life) and for that I thank you all! I would like to add my thanks to his-hers to all of you who gather here and HEAL.

Love, Peace and Understanding,
C.E.O. (Concerned Environmental Officer)
H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth and Life)

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