World Food Day, Today

Today, Sunday October 16, is WORLD FOOD DAY, for all of us 6 billion people on Earth.

Every month during our World Healing group session, we send healing energy to all of humanity, and we include a wish for food, clean air and water for all, sustenance.

Personally, like many who read this, I am and feel so lucky to be living in a land where the tomatoes grow, almost automatic without too much ado from me. But, I know that not everyone is so lucky, like this boy here who’s running of what was once a field of crop.

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Today and every day, may we be kind to our fellow inhabitants of planet Earth. May we help one another, and live in a mutually healing way. What does that mean on World Food Day?

Food Facts

“Food price volatility featuring high prices is likely to continue and possibly increase, making poor farmers, consumers and countries more vulnerable to poverty and food insecurity” is the conclusion of the global hunger report, which was published last week by the United Nations’ three Rome-based agencies: UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the World Food Programme (WFP).

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Such crises, including in the Horn of Africa, “are challenging our efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of reducing the proportion of people who suffer from hunger by half in 2015,” the heads of the three agencies — Jacques Diouf of FAO, Kanayo F. Nwanze of IFAD and Josette Sheeran of WFP — warned in a preface to the report.

Never acceptable

“But even if the MDG were achieved by 2015 some 600 million people in developing countries would still be undernourished. Having 600 million people suffering from hunger on a daily basis is never acceptable,” they said. “The entire international community must act today and act forcefully to banish food insecurity from the planet.”

YOUR World Food Day, Today, Everyday

That’s what they say, based on their studies and morality. It is equally important what you think, and do. So, what DO YOU THINK ? How would YOU like to be known in the world? What would you like to do for others? How does this relate to you?

Droughts and famine in Africa may seem far away when it’s raining in your backyard in America, but don’t forget, also in the US there are significant food problems to be resolved. Food production is increasingly consolidated and in the hands of those interested in genetically modifying crops, pesticides etc etc. ~ things that we already know are a cause of cancer. If you want to think of a ‘lighter’ subject, air, the ‘0.000s of giant gas guzzlers that many people in the US ‘need’ to drive, cause air pollution which we, our cows and our crops inhale, again making us unhealthy in the long run. So, what are you going to do about it, if anything?

Putting your money where your mind & heart is at, sure is a wise thing to do. If you want to make a financial donation, here are some ideas for you, on where & how to take action:

Ongoing Reminders & Inspiration

However, active involvement such as doing so charity volunteer work combined with ongoing reminders of what’s important to us all on planet earth, is what causes the shift to pull through and become the tidal wave of positive transitions that the planet and humanity needs.

So, follow up the above links to see what you can do, and/or check in your local community. I’m sure a nearby food shelter would be happy with your contributions in kind.

Also consider getting inspiring posters like the above to, which is a beautiful reminder of our good fortune and our shared responsibility to take care of the planet and each other, today, and every day. If you click on either image/links below the posters, you will find 10,000 or more posters, and quite a few are perfect for this purpose. Pick the one you wish to own, and run with the message it conveys.

Last, be creative in your approach to helping humanity, as your own unconventional ways of support could lead to great and meaningful change in the lives of others. Sometimes giving hope is as least as important as giving a dollar. Act with an open heart.

End Famine Today. Act to Ensure Real Food for All Tomorrow.