What’s Best: a World Healing Hour or Full Day?

Hi Everyone,

Last month, I held an inquiry among the world healing participants who are signed up through aWeber. I questioned if our world healing initiative was worthwhile, if we should change the way we do things: instead of our world healing hour, have a world healing day during which participants can send bits of reiki/healing/meditative intend to our world healing group. Quite a few people responded and I have posted their insights and perspectives below.

Summing up their suggestions, it seems that we should do the following:

Regarding doing a full-hour-session of world healing meditation vs. multiple shorter sessions (say 5 of 12 min.) throughout the day, it was suggested that:
1. If you have the time, it is best to do join us for one consecutive hour of healing meditation. The benefit of doing one full hour meditation is that you will be able to get into a deep meditative state with associated health and life benefits.

2. If 1 unbroken hour is a challenge to you, then by all means, break it up in as many sessions as you need to create that 1 hour. Here the advantage of breaking it up is that you will actually be able to participate at all. And, having a mindful day with the focus on world healing throughout has to have wider ripple-on effects as well. Might make you say different things and make different choices.

 world healing

The next question then is: ‘What time?’
As it was pointed out correctly, healing is by intention. Irrespective of the actual time, intend to connect with us. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Distance Reiki works that way, but so is all energy work.

Which day?
24 hours before and after the full-moon moment, the energy is heightened. So, let’s stick to holding our world healing group meditation on the full moon day (or at least intend that).

And there you have it. So, from now on, I shall connect with you for 1 hour’s worth during the whole day of the full moon! Any more questions/suggestions? Great. Comments welcome below!

Till tomorrow!


Notes by World Healing Participants

About transforming our initiative into making it a monthly world healing day:

Great idea!
LL (Vancouver, Canada)


Hi Astrid,

Really nice to hear from you. At first when I read it I thought, “How can we not find one hour to do this?” Then, after reading the suggestion from you and other world healers, it feels really perfect to be doing so throughout the day.

Maybe a little email reminder in the morning would be good to get us all started?

Thanks for suggesting this. I will be participating and thank you for your Reiki healing to all of us.


NB (Vancouver, Canada)


thanks, Astrid – much easier 🙂


Thank you for reminding me I will be sitting for a hour today as I have designated this time to send living healing to our planet and all beings to you Astrid, thank you

T. (Australia)


So good to hear from you Astrid…It seems like I fell off the map with this group. I am involved in so many world healing groups on facebook now. I will participate with you tomorrow. Love and blessings…
S.M. (USA)


Hi sweetie
Will be with you all today.
Warm Kisses


As one with two growing boyz in school and too many jobs, I very much appreciate the shorter and more often meditations, which I have started today. Thus far, I don’t have the sense of expanded community that I get when we all go together. But, let’s see where it goes.

Keep up the great work!
S.M. (US?)


Hi Astrid,

I am very fine. Last week I was to the greatest fair for complementary medicine in Baden-Baden with Bio-meditation. It was so good and helpful. Don`t worry about the healing hour. I stay strong for our Mother Earth and everyone that living on there. I send Love, Love, Love….

A big hug and greetings,
P.H. (Germany)


Hi Astrid,

I hope all is good with you here in London. I am good too thanks!
Definitely, I am with you in the World healing Session today on 6th November.
Yes, we can do world healing any time on a certain day, agreed!

I do the same every Saturday “Cosmic Distance Healing Prayers” all are welcome! Or participate in this session. We only required his and her name and location.

We all are connected!

Thanks for you mail.
Love & Light,

M.C. (England)


Thank you, Astrid, that is a great plan. I am with you today, and with the suffering that is rife in the world, breathing out healing, refreshment and love.

J.H. (Vancouver, Canada)


Hi Astrid,

Thank you for all your work in organizing this world healing into something cohesive. I really like the idea of participating when able and present on a given day. I think the benefits are strengthened perhaps even further since the healing will come in wave after wave across the universe. Also, people can come to do this when they are totally clear and free and not have to jump through something if they are not quite ready at the prescribed hour.

Lovely stuff! I’m in.



Hi Astrid,

How wonderful to hear from you!!! I was just thinking of you, wondering if everything was o.k. since I never heard back from you after my last email.

What a fantastic idea to literally have an entire day dedicated to “World Healing” where participants can send healing energy and love to mother earth and all its inhabitants. There are definitely better times during the day for me that is conducive to having the energy and frame of mind to participate. Quite often I would be at work so I would send distant healing at a different time.

Today it was wonderful to be able to participate at the time that was best for me to make the most impact on the world.

L.P. (Canada)


Hi Astrid,

I am doing well. I am nearing a change in my life. Within a year or so I will retire from the power utility that I have work for most of my life. I am looking forward to focusing more of my time on world healing in many ways. Not sure if I have mentioned this before. The cosmic portal of the full moon is open for almost a day before and a day after the full moon. The healing work is important and must be sustained, nurtured and grown. I am proud of you and your efforts to be the life breath of this effort. My thoughts are that the group needs to continue. I have always believed the light and love sent out during the full moon is a collective effort acting like a deposit into a universal bank of healing and transformation. The specific timing is not as important as sending our unconditional love. I further believe it is important to try to find a time to focus for the complete hour. The sustained sending of love amplifies the longer we stay in state.

Know this Astrid you have made a great difference in the world and beyond. Keep up the great work. A sincere thank you and blessing to you.

Feel Happiness and Joy, Peace and Serenity, Know Safety and Security, Pride and Honour. All of your days.

I have received a translation of the 23rd Psalm the truth is being revealed. Some of the writings hand down over the year were empowered with fear. My interpretation comes from a loving god not the writings of power brokers.
Please read the attached version of the 23rd Psalm.

K. (USA)


A good point to remember:
On the multi-dimensional planes (where we do instanteous energy work), local times are not the issue… .
INTENTION is the major factor of the work.

So I can set the intention of my World Healing work to “join” with all others around the globe working with/for/on that intention on whatever day I choose. And I can set that intention to repeat on that day (say each Thursday) for a specific period, say for the rest of this year. The intention is not limited by daylight savings times, time zones, types of calendars, etc., but is NOW for the work intended.

Our world is a living tapestry of consciousness, endlessly changing, moving, expressing the Mystery of Life, Love and Light, in the worlds of evolution, polarity and the unknowable Cosmic intentions. Yet, each of us can tune in to that Mystery for the Higher Good, with our own little personal lives and lights!




I am interested in hearing what the feedback was from having the all day session rather than just the hour. I rather liked the one hour window because I felt the energy to be very intense but it generally was very easy for me to participate since normally I am free that time of day.

Regrettably I missed this month due to a family upset so I am wondering if the participants reported the same high level of energy dispersed throughout the day.

I already have next month on my calendar, but I always appreciate your reminders. 🙂
Warmest regards,

Ps for reference I am in eastern US timezone