What Have You Got to Lose? (Weight Loss)

Oh, it is that time of the year again that we realize that we’ll be in better shape and better health if we lose at least the extra 7 pounds we’ve gained over the holidays. God idea.

However, what’s more than a bit of ad hoc trimming is weight loss as a sustainable endeavor. Many of us would benefit from losing 17 pounds or thereabouts. That includes an additional 10 pounds from before the holidays. And those 10 pounds that have been around for a while are the ones that are hard to get rid of, or are they?


I’ve previously posted what I still consider to be a super basic but oh-so-handy list of which foods make your body alkaline, i.e. healthy. The practical road to weight-loss is clear: simply eat lots of foods on this list, and little of those that are not on that list. And when you read the foods that are on this list, you’ll know that you’ll loose weight by doing so. Actually, have a look at my list of detox diet foods’ also. Very easy to figure out what to do.

However, as all of us who (once) need(ed) to lose weight know, it’s not easy to loose a significant amount of weight and keeping it off. There are emotional factors at play and these make ‘simply eating from this alkaline food-list’ a bit tricky. 

Table of Content

LESSON 1: Tear Down the Wall

LESSON 2: Thin You, Meet Not-Thin You

LESSON 3: Build Your Altar

LESSON 4: Invoke the Real You

LESSON 5: Start a Love-Affair with Food

LESSON 6: Build a Relationship with Good Food

LESSON 7: Love Your Body

LESSON 8: Surrender to the Divine

LESSON 9: Inhabit Your Body

LESSON 10: Consecrate Your Body

LESSON 11: Ritualize the Change in You

LESSON 12: Commit To Yourself

LESSON 13: Feel Your Feelings

LESSON 14: Allow the Pain

LESSON 15: Exit the Alone Zone

LESSON 16: Discipline and Discipleship

LESSON 17: Forgive Yourself and Others

LESSON 18: Honor the Process

LESSON 19: Birthing Who You Really Are

LESSON 20: Soul Surgery

LESSON 21: The Body Brilliant



Just three nights ago I was invited to join Hay-house radio for a talk by Marianne Williamson about her latest project. She just wrote a book: A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever and in the show she told us about her basic idea.

What is interesting about this book is that it’s like a classic Hay House book:  it’s spiritual. And, it’s also highly practical in that this spiritual course help you to journey through a serious series of spiritual, self-exploring exercises for your mind. See the table of content that I wrote up on the right here.


What is unique about this course, is Marianne’s approach.  While the book is going to form the basis of everything she does, she’s going to teach you and coach you along in your journey.  Not only is a weekly radio show planned on Tuesday noon PST starting next week, she’s also encouraging you to find buddies to do the program with together. For every group of 4-5 people that make it to the further lessons in the book, she’s going to give a 30 minute phone counseling session, so I understand. Now that’s a wow.  She also has set up a new website for this new way of working; she has workshops in LA and surroundings, and who knows what will be next.

For those of you who are not yet so familiar with this author, Marianne is not only a celebrated writer about spiritual matters, she acts upon her believes and has quite a number of volunteer projects on her name.




In Conclusion, the radio show convinced me that the book is pretty good, and is written using the same underlying beliefs that her prior book Return to Love ~ ‘A Course in Miracles’ had as well as Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life.




Don’t just trust my word for it. Check out other people’s reviews of this book here (50 folks have already given it a 4.7 out of 5) , make up your own mind and order the book. Then head over here to set yourself up to listen to her radio show.


Let’s meet in our bikinis on the beach in half a year!



PS IF you are buying the book using the above link, you help fund this free blog on healing, health & wellbeing.

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