Tarot Cards for sale – how to pick & use them

I have been working with tarot cards and other card decks for decades, and you know what I’ve learned? Nothing new. It’s all in your aura already. You already have all the info you need in and all around you. You’re a walking encyclopaedia of answers for your self, with your truth.

Seriously, what Tarot cards and other oracle card decks can do for you is simply this: show you you and your reality in a new light.

So, you don’t need tarot cards or divinity decks then? Well, think again. There is more under the sun that meets the eye, and that is the Divine power. The Divine light!

By working with cards, and/or with a card reader, you can get yourself more clearly aligned with the universal white light. And that is what card reading is about, for me, at least.

Working with tarot cards, angel cards or other spiritual decks, it’s a highly personalised journey, I believe and I urge you to pick the best deck for you, to begin with. Card decks vary in number(s), symbols, imagery, design, purpose and messages. The cards then become a visual language tool to you.

I have found that I have certain kind of issues to deal with and also attract certain kind of people who want my readings. So, pick a deck that has a good ‘vocabulary’ to help you translate messages in that realm.

While you can play around with a few decks at first, I encourage you to really pick one deck and learn the details of each card by heart. This then becomes ‘your deck’, your connection to your higher self and/or the divine wisdom of your spirit guides. As you wish.

As you use your cards more, you’ll understand the symbolism more profoundly. This means that you’ll give better card readings over time.

Just like doing any spiritual or healing practice, I insist that you do so with full integrity, clear intend, purified and humble.

What that means is that you should set an intention for receiving accuracy and insight from your oracle card reading. Ask that you may be a clear vessel to transmit messages for the highest good of the receiver. If reading for others, don’t get ‘involved’ and don’t get ‘used up’. You are there to give a reading, not friendly advice. There is a big different. Always remember this. Ask the other person what their intentions are: why did they come to see you, why do they want a reading?

Before you begin, purify: this means space clear the room, clear your aura and your mind.

Always connect, ground, protect: connect with the Divine, ground yourself and the person you are doing the reading for and put a protective layer of light around the two of you, to avoid interference of any kind.

What’s my favourite card sets? I have a few.

Rider Waite Tarot Cards

I started with Rider Waite Tarot cards set. This is still my to-go to deck for in-depth analysis, looking at many sides of an issue. It has major and minor arcanas, four suits and card numbers. Compare that with the 26 letters in the alphabet, and you’ll realise that this is a great tool with which to receive and communicate guidance.

Tip: click image to learn more.

Louise Hay Cards

Then I have the two card sets of Louise Hays, that I have in a bowl for anyone to pass to pick a card.

I find that these kind of tarot cards are good for single card readings that gives people a hint of home and guidance. They are very light but helpful. Not intended for complex card reading, but perfect as a summary for a Reiki session with a client in which lots of healing messages came up.

Archangel and Angel Cards

I have a few more card decks. Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards. Oh, I love everything by Doreen, her CDs, books and .. her card decks. I use individual cards as a healing and angel conversation starting point. Very helpful indeed.

I feel a connection with Michael, so this deck really is useful for me:

Shaman’s Tarot Cards Deck

I also have a sort of ‘male’ version of this is a deck with Native American shaman cards. I honestly never got into this card set. Yet, I sense it is a really good set, for other people. As it’s more ‘male’ and builds upon Native American wisdom, many clients have wanted to work with this set. The deck comes with a detailed book that explains the card system and symbolism in detail and also offers ideas on how to use the deck. Very well done.

Goddess Cards and Oracle Divination Cards by Colette

There is one other kind of deck that I don’t use myself but some of my healing friends absolutely love and those are the decks by Colette Baron-Reid.

Ready to begin your own journey with healing cards?

Buy a deck that catches your eye and that delights. Start with understanding the structure of the deck through the accompanying booklet, and then begin with a single- or three-card reading.