Take a Cause and Improve the World

When I see videos like the one of Veronika Scott, a 24 year-old who came from an addict family, went to college and dedicated her life to helping homeless women regain their lives, I realize, we ARE HEALING as a society. It really takes just 1 person, to help move forward the fate of others.

Or rather, it takes just one mind to decide to improve the world: “I am going to ‘work for this cause and then to see where that decision leads me.” Veronika did not set out to set up a factory for homeless. She started with going to college – a tremendous empowering act for her own life. Then, she went on to design a coat for the homeless that turned into a sleeping bag. Amazing. Most would have stopped right there.

Veronika took things further however. Instead of selling her design to someone else to manufacture, she set up her own factory, and gave a factory full of homeless women jobs, skills, dignity, and a whole new life! Who knows what’s next for Veronika and her team.

May this video uplift and inspire you, to be the best you can be. I encourage you too to take on 1 cause to make the world a better place, however small it may be, and run with it!