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How God Tells You It’s Time For a Change (Wayne Dyer)

January 16, 2009 by  
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In this 2 minute video, internationally acclaimed author and lecturer Wayne Dyer brings a fresh perspective to unforeseen circumstances and uncontrollable change. It’s about living your life in peace at times of change …

A Warning or a Message

A week ago I heard on the radio: ‘Over 2.6 million people lots their job in the US in 2008.’

If you are one of the people who were let go off, Wayne Dyer would congratulate you, and explain to you that God just told you to start walking on another street.

It’s time for a change.

It’s time to more closely align yourself with your soul essence.

What is your dream?
What do you really like to do?
What did you always wanted to do that you never had time for?
Wanna write a book?

Start to crystalize what it is,
and meanwhile, have patience.

Infinite patience produces immediate results: peace!
And that’s what it is about:
living your life
at peace.

How God Tells You It’s Time For a Change

Wayne Dyer video

A Spiritual Solution

If you liked the above clip, this inspirational DVD by Wayne Dyer might help you even further to make your next phase in life a greater success.

In this DVD Dyer shows you how you can find a “spiritual solution to every problem.” He breaks down the phrase into its three key words: problem, spiritual, and solution. Personally, I don’t think it matter how he breaks it down: his words are always full of ‘food for thought’ and ‘tips for change’.

Of course, his lectures are laced with great examples ranging from the lives of St. Francis of Assisi and Mother Teresa to finding wisdom in a “simple” nursery rhyme.

In sum, Wayne illustrates that by changing your perceptions, you can truly find a spiritual way to deal with any problem you encounter!

I was told by the editor that there’s a bonus segment on the DVD whereby Wayne demonstrates the positive and negative energies of our thoughts. I did not get to review this, but that sounds interesting.

How To Be The Best You, 6 of 6 (Wayne Dyer)

This is the last of a set of articles. Today, we’re covering:

Your Purpose

Your purpose is not to try to be loving, your purpose is to be love, and only have that to give away.


The one other vital ingredient on the path of enlightenment is forgiveness. If you don’t know how to do it, give them love. What is inside you is how you choose to think. Let that be love.

You don’t need to forget when people treated you badly, nor do you have to let them repeat it. But when you can send love, when they send you hate, you pass the true test of ultimate compassion.

Parables that Teach a Lesson

I share with Wayne Dyer some favorite books.
These are some of the ones that have made most difference in his life:

  • Le Petit Prince
  • Jonathan’s Livingston Seagull
  • Candid
  • Siddhartha
  • Illusions
  • Alice through the Looking Glass
  • Gulliver’s Travels

They are teaching parables, that teach a lesson.

Relish synchronicity, when you want to write a book, as happened to Wayne Dyer,
and you will see it when you believe it:

There is no way to happiness.
Happiness is the way.

video presentation by Wayne Dyer ‘How to be a no-limit person’

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How To Be The Best You, 5 of 6 (Wayne Dyer)

This presentation by Wayne Dyer is the sequel to #4.

Take Self-Responsibility

Wayne reminds you to take self responsibility to be in the circumstances that you are at. Furthermore, he says, instead of looking all your life for achievements and externals, try looking for knowledge, for the sake of knowledge.

Go to school and read, because it makes sense to you, not because it will rank you on someone else’s score. Don’t get caught up in the trap of achievement, as it comes with stress and disease.

Stop the More-trap and Goal-myth

There is nothing wrong with goals, it is falling in love with them that is the issue. Love the process along the way, moment by moment, instead. Do what makes the greatest amount of sense, each and every day. Trust your inner instincts. Don’t suffer to try to get some place. Live in this moment and enjoy it instead.

Be a Personal Authority rather than Authoritarian

Another new way to be a new you is to see yourself as a person of personal authority. Don’t need to dominate and control others. Only inner-power works. The people who has the most authority are the ones who listen the most. The only thing that lasts is inner power. No self-doubt. The more you become honest with yourself the stronger you become. How people treat you in the world is their karma. How you respond, becomes yours. What you put out into the world is what comes back to you. The more you put out honesty, the more that will come back to you.

Choose Serenity over Acquisition

A fifth new way of being is ‘serenity’ instead of ‘acquisitions’. The more you try to get, the less serenity or inner peace you have. Serenity means inner-peace.

See the rolling mountains while you drive your life, rather think of ‘driving to somewhere’. In relationships, give love and enjoy. Attitude is everything.

SUMMARY of New Ways of Being

1. Focus on quality in your life rather than approval
2. Focus on ethics rather than rules
3. Be a personal authority rather authoritarian
4. Want to gain knowledge rather than achievement
5. Pursue serenity rather than acquisitions
If you can make these shifts and let go of the mental ‘junk’ in your life, you will never go back.

Wayne Dyer, 10 minute video presentation ‘How to be a No-Limit Person’

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How To Be The Best You, 4 of 6 (Wayne Dyer)

May 7, 2008 by  
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In the next episode, Wayne Dyer covers:

Top ingredients to Quality of Life
a. Change from ‘appearances to others’ to ‘quality of my life’. Another person’s opinion is just that: THEIR opinion. Make sure that what you THINK OF YOU is more important than what others think.

b. Living your life on Ethics rather than Rules. Stand up for your ethics. Don’t be surprised when your children start to disobey the rules that are meant to be broken.

c. Shift from ‘needing’ approval from others to merely ‘liking’ approval. If you really want approval, the best way is to stop ‘needing’ it. Be so busy ‘being’ that you have no time to think about others think of you.

Someone else’s opinion of you is just that, their opinion. Your opinion of you is of course the only one that truly matters. Liking approval is ok. Needing approval is immobilizing and not OK. The people who get the most approval in life are the ones who care the least about it. They are so busy being that they have no time to notice.

d. Success is an inner process. It is not something that you will get ‘out of’ what you do. Do what makes the most sense to you, to give you quality. You see it when you believe it. Synchronicity will happen continuously to you when you do.

Success is not something you can get in life. It is an inner process that you bring to everything you do in life. Doing what makes the most amount of sense to you based on your own inner guidance and morality, then success will begin to change you and will come into your life that you never imagined. You see it when you believe it.

Wayne Dyer, 10 min. presentation

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How To Be The Best You, 3 of 6 (Wayne Dyer)

In these two parts of Wayne Dyer’s speech on ‘How to Be a No-Limit person’, you’ll hear the following topics covered:

You are always single, you, your unique perfect self, who is not trying to love, but who is love. Don’t ask God, or anybody else, to heal you.

You got to be God, and heal yourself. Believe you can, because you can.

Your will is all there is:
— the will to live
— the will to learn to swim
— the will to learn to write a bike.
Shift into a belief that you can do it. You can live, you can swim, you can believe.

Being = seeing the greatness within you. Get limiting belief systems out of you,
so you can be free of them to be the greatness that you are.

Your true self is this beautiful little child within you, who is full of love. Your inner-harmony allows you to cooperate.

Oh, and of course, he says a lot more very inspirational talk. Enjoy!

Wayne Dyer, 10 min. presentation

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Healing and Self-Help Book Reference Library ~ filled with books I or my students/clients own and we recommend. Wayne’s wonderful recordings are on the bottom right hand corner.

How To Be The Best You, 2 of 6 (Wayne Dyer)

99% of ‘you’ one can’t see, feel or smell. It is your ‘essence’ or ‘conscious awareness’ that makes up you.

So what is that? Your body keeps changes as you mature, but your essence stays the same. And then you reincarnate.

The way of being that is the most transcendent of all is seeing yourself as ‘love’ and only have that to give away. When you do this, life transforms.

So, when you get pressure from life and others in life, the essence from you comes out. So, if you have any anger inside, than anger will come out when you get pressure.

But how does that anger get there??? You stick your thoughts into your own mind, none else does.

The world itself is a perfect place. So, celebrate the lessons that come up. Don’t curse or blame the things that come your way. If someone calls you a name, then it is up to you to be clear about that that is merely their opinion.

video presentation by Wayne Dyer, ‘How to be a No-Limit Person’ – part 2

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How To Be The Best You, 1 of 6 (Wayne Dyer)

This is the first of a series of posts around the excellent videos by world-inspirational teacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer. He teaches us to shift our focus from ‘what lacks in your life’ to ‘how can I grow’? He addresses perceptions that limit your success, and helps us all in creating our own wonderful reality, choosing your own greatness.

This first one is a funny episode, which is sure to make you laugh!

Highlights of the first video

Everything you have in your life that you don’t like, is there as an opportunity for you to grow. It is a blessing to you. Don’t make your life about a series of ‘going some place else’, ‘wanting more’. Accept and work with it.

An ‘not having enough’-attitude will never work. A ‘this is great’-attitude does. ‘No limit’ people are people who take what they are and except it. It is taking your life in your hand and realize that everything that comes your way is a blessing.’ says Wayne Dyer in his talk here.

It is all about choosing to be a ‘no limit person’. No-limit, or inner-directed people are never operating from deficiency. They always have enough. They are always good enough. These are are the people who can handle everything, because their approach towards their circumstances is entirely positive.

You already have everything you need to live a special existence, one of total bliss, says Wayne. And you came with your unique set of abilities, talents and abilities. That’s all you need, and you don’t need anything else. Beyond this, you came into life with ‘nothing’ and you will leave with ‘nothing’.

Do creative imagery as this works very well. Keep an image that you can find parking, shoot the basket, or otherwise succeed in life. …. (more re. this in episode 2)

10 min video presentation by Wayne Dyer ‘How to be a No-Limit Person’

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