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I recently organized a lecture w/ demo on the Reiki healing benefits for the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Self-Help group in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I did some research to prepare and am sharing that with you in this article.

A number of the MS Therapy centers around the world are offering Reiki amongst their available therapies, and with good reason: There was lots of anecdotal evidence from around the world indicating that Reiki was working well for MS patients.

There was one study from the UK stood out in terms of thoroughness. This study with ‘Thirteen Case Studies to Investigate the Effects of Reiki on the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis‘ (source: Reiki research foundation) revealed remarkable progress on regained abilities and energy, on reduction of pain and depression, and on other important factors impacting quality of life. The study involved 10-12 weekly sessions of Reiki. After major recovery, MS participants were suggested to return for monthly health maintenance Reiki sessions.

Thirteen M.S. sufferers with either primary progressive or secondary progressive M.S. were allocated for Reiki treatment. The sufferers were asked on the first visit to identify the symptoms which were most disruptive to their quality of life. On each visit they were asked to give a score to their individual symptoms, (0 = No Symptoms, 10 = Most Able to Bare). They were timed on a walk over a 10 meter distance on each visit, and there was a visual scale. These results will enable us to show how effective Reiki is.

Summary of Reiki Treatment Results

90.2% Reduction of Lethargy
87% Reduction of depression
78.7% Reduction of Cognitive Problems

75.3% Reduction of Motor Problems
73.5% Reduction of Pain
70.2% Reduction of Fatigue

69.1% Reduction of Urine Problems
62.8% Reduction of Bowel Problems
38% Reduction in Walking Time

This seem to be excellent overall results.

Individual Comments on Healing MS with Reiki

The study also states comments on progress of individuals’ health improvements thanks to the series of Reiki treatments. I am also sharing these comments here, as they offer a more in-depth insight as to how important the health and ability improvements were to the participants.

Comments on progress within individual study participants with MS are tail-telling:

I. “She states that she became pain free after 2 Reiki sessions for the first time in 4 years. After 2 Reiki sessions she found that she was able to raise her arms above her head enabling her to wash herself unaided.”

II. “His urinary problems and cold feet were very much improved after 4 Reiki treatments.”

III. “He stated that he was depression free after 4 Reiki sessions.”

IV. “The reduction of her fatigue as a result of her Reiki treatment enabled her to not have an afternoon sleep which she had had to do prior to her commencement of Reiki treatment.”

V. “The Reiki treatment reduced the time taken to walk 10 meters by one third.”

VI. “She expressed a marked reduction in pain after 3 Reiki Sessions, and a reduction in walking time of almost one half.”

VII. “She had been bed bound or in a wheel chair prior to the start of the Reiki Sessions. After just 3 Reiki Sessions she was able to walk downstairs unaided. Her urinary problems have been very much improved after 5 Reiki sessions.Her timed walk has been reduced by almost three quarters.”

VIII. “Session 9 walked ¼ mile (1st time in 7 years she had walked that far).
Expressed belief that it was 2 years since she had felt so good.”

XI. “After session 3 able to lie on right side pain free for the 1st time in 7 years and lie on her back in bed for the 1st time in 2 years. Able to have have bowels opened naturally every day for 1st time in years after only the 6th session of Reiki. Had previously relied on medication.”

XII. “She has not felt the need for (child abuse) counseling since the Reiki Sessions.
No intermittent catheterisation needed after 4 sessions. Reduced fluoxetine to 20mg a day after 8 sessions.
On the 9th session she reported that she felt better now than she did before her diagnosis of M.S. 4 years ago.

The feelings and sensations in her legs started to return after only 7 sessions. Before the Reiki she was walking with 2 sticks. Since the Reiki she now walks unaided.”

Benefits of Reiki, as Explained by a Recovered MS Patient

If these study results were not enough to become excited, or at least encouraged & hopeful about using Reiki for the benefit of MS patients, the International Reiki Association posted a personal account by a MS recoverer.

Here is an except:

“I was personally afflicted with M.S. My symptoms: elastic bands of pain circling my body, weak heavy legs, impaired walking, no mobility upon rising, dropping things, blurred or double vision, severe mood swings, poor or no bladder control, back pain and swelling, impaired speech, pins and needle sensation throughout my body. My symptoms were aggravated by heat.

I was helped a little by Vitamin E and Allbee with Vitamin C. ACTH treatments brought me out of severe attacks temporarily. Herbs and reflexology also helped. I took reflexology and Reiki training.

One year later I can walk again and I keep improving on the distance. At the start I was lucky if I could walk a block, and today I don’t even think of distance or the temperature. I speak much clearer, I seldom stumble over my words anymore. I have no more double vision.

I practice Reiki, reflexology and massage without worrying about the strength in my hands. Book and needle work are no longer a problem for my eyes. I am very active in alternative health work, taking classes as well as teaching.

As I have discovered, M.S. and Lupus are among the hardest diseases to treat, I feel fortunate to have had the determination to stick to the path I chose. I have worked with a couple of M.S. clients and found that when they start to make great progress, they decide to quit having the treatments of Reiki. I personally feel that I am M.S. free.”


‘Wouldn’t it be nice if we would no longer need them?’

Conclusion re. Possible Benefits of Reiki for MS patients

Anyone with a familiarity with MS is aware that MS patients can have a very wide range of symptoms and degree of severity of symptoms. From the experiences in my practice plus the many anecdotes around, there is little doubt that Reiki will have a positive impact on MS patients.

However, to ‘proof’ the benefits of Reiki with statistical validity, I would need a large sample pool and extensive funds to pay for the Reiki treatment, staff and facilities required for such study. Sure, I sincerely hope that some statistical minds will actually undertake the study. After all, if there was a study with statistical validity, then insurance companies could cover the Reiki treatment to enhance the well-being and wellness of MS patients, which would be wonderful for all.

Meanwhile, all anecdotes and personal accounts combined could make one conclude that Reiki is worth a try and that remarkable healing is a possibility for at least some patients.

By Astrid Lee,

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