Reiki & Other Forms of Healing

Sometimes I receive the question if it’s possible to do Reiki when one already does another form of healing.

The answer to this is: Sure!!!





What I have heard, seen, and experienced is that Reiki helps these other forms of healing in becoming more effective. I’m thinking of massage, meditation, therapeutic touch, Theta healing, etc. This is because Reiki relaxes the body as it dissolves stress & nervous tension. Those benefits offer a perfect foundation for other healing modalities.


Reiki brings balance on all levels and raises the life force energy, and this can only be beneficial.

Furthermore, whatever you give Reiki to, enhances. Thus, by infusing Reiki into other healing modalities, it will bring the best out of these healing modalities.


In fact, my first introduction with Reiki was in fact a massage treatment … with Reiki. I loved it so much, I went back to her, once a week, for over half a year! Oh, yes, it works very well in combination with other forms of healing.