Love Unconditionally

It’s been a big week. The list of grave client issues that surfaced in my healing practice this week is long. They included suicidal tendencies, child witnessing a murder, past life drowning, child and sexual abuse and a breast cancer alarm. Additionally, there were all sorts of office issues, career & money challenges; and relationship/partner issues.


While these seem quite unrelated issues, the Reiki clair-audient messages I received this week for the various clients actually had something in common. They built a wider perspective for clients to help them conceive peace and find inner-harmony, no matter what happened in their past, present or future. It reminded me that we should see ourselves as Spiritual Beings (souls) with Earthen experiences (as opposed to human beings with spiritual moments).


Clients were encouraged to be more soulful, to reach a level of un-attachment from their contextual environment, and to apply unconditional love when relating to that environment. It was a new perspective and choice: by seeing love and being love, they would actually receive love and live in love.


“Soul love is a quality of being, a shining light that lifts, soothes, and comforts all who come within its sphere of influence.” writes the spiritual writer, Sayana Roman, in her book ‘Soul Love. (The book is one of my favorites.)

“Soul love is serene because it is unconditional love. Your soul loves without needing to receive anything in return. It does not measure how much love to give by how deserving people are. Your soul offers love without needing appreciation, acknowledgement, praise or reward for its love. Soul love does not ‘come and go’, based on the actions & reactions of others. Your soul gives love to others without caring how others use this love or even if they use it.

Feel the serenity that comes from giving love without needing to receive anything in return.”

YOUR NEXT STEP: Love Unconditionally, in a big way

So, as we are ALL souls with earthen experiences, this week’s shared Reiki messages actually apply to us all, and we can all enjoy the serenity that comes from living in unconditional love.

Ahhh, sounds nice but not easy (read: impossible) to give unconditional love to one’s least favorite persons? Give yourself a surprise. Try it, by simply giving unconditional love to at least 4 people today. Just think it, say it, show it, live it. Start by giving it to yourself! You can do it. Observe the changes that occur within you and surrounding you as you do so. Continue and do 4 more tomorrow and each day following. Include more and more people you havent been fond of in the past.

It is highly recommended to read more Books on Spirituality. If you click the link, you’ll find my favorite books on a wide range of topics in the realms of health, healing, and spirituality. You’ll enjoy browsing, I’m sure.

healing love unconditionally

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