I love Myself as I love Others ~ World Healing Core Affirmation


‘I love myself as I love others’ is in my mind, and in my heart, the most central affirmation you can recite to promote world healing. Let me give a very quick answer, focusing on 4 aspects of this affirmation.


Aspect 1 of this affirmation: SELF LOVE

When you can actually love yourself, you are more than halfway there.


Effective method: stand in front of the mirror and recite the phrase: “ Hi cutie/handsome, I love you. I really love you, and adore everything about you.”   Many times.


At first, your ego may / will protest with all your long-help mis-beliefs / obstacles to this expression of self-love. Say ‘thanks for sharing” to all those negative thoughts. Then, let these thoughts go.


Eventually, you will see yourself in the mirror, and the words will feel and sound really true: you love yourself.

radiating heart, conditional love, oneness

IN THIS STATE OF SELF-LOVE, you will radiate love onto others.  When feeling safe (which comes from self-love), you are in the best position to stretch out your helping hand, and to really give. 


This really mean you will give more than you otherwise would.  By giving more, you are usually building a better heart. You will usually also receive more love. And so it becomes a reciprocal process of exchanging more and more expressions of love.



Aspect 2 of this affirmation: ONENESS

By loving another as you love yourself, you are not differentiating between people. By starting to live this way, you would not kill a fly, because you are that fly. You would not hurt another person with your words, because you are that person. You’d treat all people equal, and ahhh…. instantly lots of previous problems in the world are resolved. Can you see where this is leading to? Don’t you just love it?!


By adding ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ to the concept of Oneness,

you are truly sprinkling goodness IN YOUR WORLD & THE WORLD AT LARGE.



Aspect 3 of this affirmation:  HEALING ALL

By loving others, you have to extend your awareness of others. You have to both see others, and learn about the needs of others.  This way, you can give what is in fact needed, where needed, when needed.  


Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is ignorance. Communion is Bliss.


Too often we live in our own cocoon of wellness.  Often, we simply are not aware of the suffering of others.  Oh yes, me too.745787_smilingaboutlife_Benjamin Earwicker

The solutions are simple: Listen, observe and learn.  This is a process taking a life-time.



While you listen,

you don’t talk.

When not talking

Your mouth can smile.

How good is that?!




By letting go of the ‘ego’ (that bit of conscious thinking that has those frequent limiting thoughts….), and opening up the stage of the sub-conscious which is finally talked to through the repeated ‘mantra’ in the  most loving ways, you are allowing this inner-you to shine through.



I would like to end this article and say:

I love you all, readers, students, friends.




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