Distant Reiki Healing Method for Participation

  • Create sacred space with a candle, incense or whatever is appropriate for you. Perhaps just close your eyes.
  • Meditate on pure intention for world healing.
  • Then join in, and send pure thought of love for all people | prayer | healing (Reiki) power | positive energy to 6+ billion people and Earth. All white light workers welcomed.


Distant Reiki HealingWhat to Expect
Expect our joint-healing to actually have an impact, and look for and record results as you are aware of them. Also, be prepared for receiving your own healing as a result of this.


Distant Reiki HealingCaution & Care
If you’re new to energy work, or have limited time at the designated hour, then do feel free to contribute as much time as you can, 10 minutes is better than nothing. There is no need to exhaust yourself. Gradually work up to an hour, as appropriate. Just let this monthly activity flow into your life as a rest-point, a highlight, and the right thing to do.

Our collective healing energy is powerful and strong! Apply all advice you’ve received from your Reiki Master regarding distant healing. Eg. ground yourself before the session by imagining being a tree and growing roots to the center of the planet. Your actions are your responsibility. Please do not participate if you have a pace maker. I like experiences associated with We Are One World Healing to be pleasant & uncomplicated. Ensure you are in good health physically & mentally to be in a good state to help others. If not in good health, heal yourself first.

When the Power of love
Overcomes the Love of power
The World will know peace.

Jimi Hendrix 1942-70


Distant Reiki HealingWorld Healing Accounts

Read others’ world experiences on this blog. Do submit your own experiences and insights. What happened to you during/after your session? What did you become aware of? Anyone can post and comment, or you can email me and I will post it for you, as appropriate.


Distant Reiki HealingExpand “We Are One World Healing”

World Healing  **  Image copyright A Lee, 2008

If you think this is a worthwhile initiative, then link to this blog from your website so that others can become aware that world healing is the work of us all, and that participation is possible from wherever they are, no matter who they are.


Distant Reiki HealingTools to Invite Others
Printable newsletter:

Spread the Light.

Distant Reiki Healing

‘Be a butterfly
creating waves
of unconditional love
And positive change
all over the planet’.

Namaste, Astrid Lee
Initiative Founder

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