Happy Halloween Healing

Carnival of Healing #213

Healing Aspects of Halloween

Truth is: healing happens when you are ready, no matter where you are, or what your circumstances.  So, when you are ready, that is the time that you can find a healing meaning a dead fish or a stuck-on rubber heart.

However, it happens to be that Halloween is also an ancient Druidic festival time that celebrates the passage of life on Earth. It honors our ancestors (particularly those who left us in the last year, and it welcomes the newborns of the last 12 months.  I actually don’t need a carnival, as I think I can come up with twelve healing Halloween stories, all on my own. This, I will do next year, I’ve just decided.

Today, I want to share with you HAPPY HALLOWEEN HEALING with articles by a few other good bloggers.  Following Halloween-themed submissions are the remainder of  other submissions. 

To be of service, I’ve decided to give all articles a good read and provide commentary. I welcome a discussion with you all, as I am interested in your views and take on some of the stories presented.




  • hauntedhousestencil2Phylameana, our healing industry veteran,  presents Haunted Houses posted at about.com  – see Phylameana lila Desy’s profile here.
  • It  links to a community dialogue about an haunted house photo and then links further to unhaunting haunted houses.


A Lee: From personal experience, unhaunting haunted houses is actually a big job, usually. Somehow, I need to sleep lots of extra hours doing this work. You will have happy clients is you specialize in this work.

I call this work ‘space clearing’ rather than ‘unhaunting haunted houses’, as helping lost souls find their way home and realizing peace in the homes of the living is a year-round necessity, not solely on Halloween.


A Lee: As laughing has to be one of the easiest  and most enjoyable healing methods ever, perhaps its just to link to Kane’s blog altogether, not just this article. Her wicked limerick offers food for thought and allows us to reconsider what this ancient holiday is all about.






Other articles submitted that I’ve found of interest and worth linking to and writing about:


shoppingphotobyAllieHylton Donald presents Being Happy: How Not to Love Stuff posted at Life Optimizer.


A Lee: THIS is a very interesting article. I can relate from personal experience here. I have just let go of 80% of my belongings when moving continents only months ago.

I have learned 3 things, or actually 4:

a) Donald’s right: having less stuff is definitely calmer, if one has retained the good stuff and if the shedding was by choice. 

b) I now realize that we, owners, are caretakers of the material world. I now value sharing more, including renting or borrowing, instead of having things all for myself.  Sharing brings harmony and community, less waste and more fun.

c) Having ‘less’ in our society invariably means giving things away. And as per Donald’s argument, indeed, I especially loved giving some of our greatest treasures to our friends and charity. I reveled in their joy of receiving.

d) And, here is a confession, or is it?? Now having moved and missing specific bits and pieces, I also discovered that I love getting presents too. Receiving gifts has been so inspirational to me!  It makes me feel appreciated and supported by the Universe.

‘Receiving what we need’ has been a clear confirmation that the Law of Attraction works (not that I had been doubting), and that my world indeed is a perfect place.  Receiving the specifics of what we need (and I am not talking pearls and Gucci handbags) is  inspiring to me to more of what I can be, and to, in turn, be generous to others and to seek out specifically what they need. Generosity is not giving away left overs, but rather, it is giving exactly what is needed.   There is subtle difference.

So, go check out Donald’s article as it’s worth your time.


white waterlily, photo by Beng Lim Kim Pratt presents Mindfulness: what it is and how to do it posted at karunaweb.com – Information and Tools for Personal Growth and Positive Change.  

A Lee: This article is quite good and in-depth.

It actually reminds me of my own popular article on the topic  ‘Meditation is Simple’ as well as the one written by one of our long-term ‘We Are One World Healing’- group participants, Kanhaiya Joshi, titled Effortless-Namsmaran Choiceless Awareness.

I think that all these articles are worthy of your attention.


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Tomorrow, Sunday November 1, (yes, at All Saints Day as well as the day of the Full Moon), we are having our monthly worldwide meditation session.

For 1 hour (9-10 am San Francisco time), all participants from hundreds of countries share our energy and focus on a healed planet with a healthy, healed society. 

If you want to be part of this powerful meditation group (aka Reiki group  of mostly Reiki masters), you can join us. We would like to have you.


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A Lee: What is not to love about THAT title? The title alone offers ample food for contemplating.






A Lee: This is an article that is written as an inspiration.  There is one line that stuck with me, ‘If mothering is a journey, then conscious mothering is taking the high road.’  


A Lee: This authentic blog, which has a lot of substance, contains this highly personal story. I am sure it will hold healing power for those of you who are in similar parenting circumstances.




A Lee: My take on this blog and article is that the single most IMPORTANT relationship we have is with the Divine inside us .  When we are letting our soul shine, and walk on our path of most light, there will be an abundance of self-love, of inner joy and strength.  We are one with the Divine.

Then, on this path so joyously, ‘being just dumped’ will be a phase beyond  our consciousness. Instead, our being will be filled with concepts of harmony and alignment and companionship. Unconditional love for the self, by the self  and by others, will be omnipresent.


May all people who visit this blog

walk with me

on their path of most light.


A Lee: Reading Rabbit White ’s article, he agrees with what I just wrote about Persha’s blog, and actually sets out the whole concept in detail!  This article is worth a read, not only by those who feel ‘just dumped’.



Mojito_photobyGAScholiers At Halloween, the most candy-loaded holiday festival of all, I initially had a hard time to get myself to write about ‘nutritional essentials for diabetics’ or ‘juice cleanses’.  However, having morning coffee at my local cafe in social Italy, talking with a total stranger who happens to be an enthusiastic health-juice promoter, I found just the inspiration I needed:

Jason Cooper presents Living Consciously in a Technological World posted at KnowledgeReform.com, a blog about self improvement, self help and inspirational wisdom.

Robert Fenn presents Good News! Diabet Provides All Essential Nutrients For Diabetes posted at DiabetReview.com.

Kelly Bronx presents A Natural Remedy: Juice Cleanse posted at JuiceCleanseNow.com.

This concludes the Carnival of Healing #213.  Last carnival was at on a mission from Goddess, and the next carnival will be hosted by Janet Dagley’s The Reiki Digest held on Nov 07, 2009.  The carnival of healing is an initiative by  Phyla from About.com.   Many thanks to all parties who contributed to this carnival.



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Happy Healing Halloween to all.


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