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I don’t do this very often, (is this the first time??) but today I’m deciding on a ‘diary page’ of last Sunday … Just for the heck of it… Monterosi rainbow 2010





Ahhh, the morning started really good. When I woke up, it was pouring rain, but it was also sunny. And we know, that means a rainbow day… 🙂 And so it was. A wonderful day, with a great yin/yang balance.


Yin:  passive

Yang: active.




As today would be a full moon day, I knew that therefore our actions of the day would be rippling on into the universe  AT FULL FORCE.  And so I felt kind of lucky that I had good-karma building activities planned throughout the day: my morning volunteering to clean up our village would be followed by my beloved evening event:  ‘We Are One World Healing’ distant Reiki session / meditation session on ‘a healed world’.



imageCleaning My Local Community

I met some lovely new friends when, as part of a team of volunteers, we cleaned up our adorable tiny village of Monterosi. It’s just North of Rome, Italy. 

We spent a whole morning, fruitfully on the endeavor, bringing out the beauty of our world, raising the energy of three public places: the local elementary school yard, the playground park on the village edge, and a little-known downtown (tiny) parking lot behind Piazza Umberto, off Via Marconi.



Clean-Up Satisfaction based on Trash / m2 Found

If you are going to tidy up your house, don’t you just love cleaning up the messiest room ?!!  Same sentiments for cleaning local garbage. When there is more junk to remove, you’ll get a greater satisfaction.

The Ratingstrash1trash2

#1  The parking lot WON, by far, when measured in trash/m2.  

Very satisfying.


We collected a full XL garbage bag worth of abandoned ‘whatever’: bottles, glass, towels, questionable bags with??, broken toys, cloths pins, paper, boxes & other cardboard, lots of paper bits and bottle cap.

I am not mentioning those hard-to-collect cigarette buds. I think they must be a gift from the divine, because they sure represent lots of lessons to us all.




After: garbage in the bag

Before: garbage on the ground


clean schoolyard  #2    The second place went the school yard. It’s trash/m2 ratio was way lower as it’s a large area, however there were dozens of empty cans and bottles under the bushes, the bushes had dead branches, and plants needed to be trimmed back badly. An excessive amount of leaves made the area around the swings slippery and dangerous. 

I think there must have been 10 bags of garbage and waste collected, if not more. Plus all the branches.



A team of 3 spent a full 4 hours here, and boy did they raise the energy level of this place. The vibrational shift was amazing! This is what is so great about space clearing in general:  the world loves you back, right away, for every little care you take.


community clean up removed_deadbranches


After: super-clean and safe swings! Trees can now spend their energy on healthy growth.

Before: Overgrown bushes & 10 bags worth of waste was spread everywhere.


clean playground


#3   The third place  for trash/m2 ratio went to the public playground. It was the largest area. When we arrived it appeared ‘kind of clean’. That was, until we started walking it over the grounds, …. and found 2 1/2 XL garbage garbagecollection_donebags full of trash. Want to see them?


Here they are:





After: tidy lawnnnnnn

Before: trash in hidden corners & park edges




That was my super active morning.  Then, I had a fun-filled family afternoon, and then a oh so wonderful meditative evening…





Healing the World at large


Often, I’m asked how I do the world healing meditation. As I mentioned in the ‘About We Are One World Healing’- page, I send distant Reiki to each and every participant and I intend for our collective healing energy to merge and synergize, and then intend that to be applied for the benefit of all people, all nature and mother Earth.   Simple as that.  I intend that to be ongoing for the hour, and then I allow my mind to receive imagery of aspects of the healing. Ahh, I just love visualizing a healed world. 917290_recycle_jaylopez

Today, a proper trash management trash came to mind: I saw a sustainable world whereby trash was 100% reused, directly and indirectly. Of course, given my quite exhausting morning activities, I just had to dedicate a few moments to visualize a trash-free world.  Haiti_child_lik

Then, imagery of clean water appeared. Haiti and Africa came to mind and were supplied with healthful water. Oh so happy people were eating food.


(Image child Haiti: Lauri Koski;

recycled tag: Jay Lopez)



It was a world without hospitals as everyone was healthy and would only die of old age, happily.


And then, what’s more, it’s a world of balance: where the poor would not feed the poor, but the rich do this. E.g. Instead of buying chewing gum that would be nearly impossible to remove from public places, and that’s bad for your stomach and your teeth, western world teenagers would save gum money and ‘adopt’ a foster child in a faraway place. Ditto: I saw investors foregoing short-term gain and go for fair-trade company stock seeking equity in environmentally and socially sound organizations around the world.

We lived in a world of democracy and everyone was free.

And last but not least, I saw a happy family, my own. And that’s when I ‘woke up’ out of my meditation session, …. and dinner was ready.


OK. Enough about me, my activities, and my vision of a healed world. Everyone’s view and experiences is different and we have a kaleidoscope of options of goodness to realize, together. 


What did You do  this weekend? 

Share with us what you did, and/or comment on your healed world visions, in the comment section below.



Joining Forces

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