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WE ARE ONE WORLD HEALING EVENT SCHEDULE follows the moon cycles of the year.
The next Full moon session: July 16 2019.
The next New moon session: Aug 1 + 30, 2019.

Send Reiki/healing/prayer/meditative power any time just before the full moon or right after the new moon. If the full-1-hour world-healing session at our agreed time is too difficult for you to fit into your schedule, do what you can: intend to join in and send Reiki in 5 or 6 mini sessions of just 10-12 minutes during the day. Anyone can do that!

world healing World Healing Session Times at Various World Locations

Check with a to check your exact local time participation, which varies with Summer and Winter time / daylight saving.

    The Full Moon time schedule is:

  • 7-8 am Hawaii, US
  • 9-10 am PST LA; San Francisco, US; Vancouver, Canada
  • 11-12 am CENTRAL Chicago, US
  • 12-1 pm EST New York, US; Montreal, Canada; Chile
  • 5-6 pm London time (GMT)
  • 6-7 pm Paris/Rome/Amsterdam time (CET)
  • 7-8 pm Kenya
  • 8-9 pm Mauritius
  • 9.30-10.30 pm Mumbai, India
  • 2 am Sydney, Australia
    The New Moon time schedule is:

  • 8-9 am London time (GMT)
  • 9-10 am Europe time Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid..
  • etc.

Session Schedule

oneness world healing events 2015

In response to feedback by participants, after 3 years of holding our World Healing sessions on ‘Sunday prior to the full moon’-day, we’re switching to have our monthly meditation & healing sessions on the ACTUAL DAY OF THE FULL (New) MOON, just like we did in the beginning of this initiative. Holding the sessions on the actual full moon day has feels intuitively prefect, so personally I am pleased time has come to switch back again.

Be the Change You Wish To See In Your World
Photo by Makio Kusahara.

The scheduled one-hour sessions for this year will be as follows:

2019 overview

NEW MOON World Healing Sessions for 2019 (EST)

Jan 6
Feb 4
Mar 6
Apr 5
May 4
June 3
July 2
Aug 1 + 30
Sept 28
Oct 28
Nov 26
Dec 26

FULL MOON World Healing Sessions for 2019 (EST)

Jan 21
Feb 19
Mar 21
Apr 19
May 18
June 17
July 16
Aug 15
Sept 14
Oct 13
Nov 12
Dec 12

The actual full moon day may vary by up to a day for the various countries around the world.

We are One, World Healing event schedule Full Moons

The days called ‘full moon’ differs in various parts of the planet. We stick to healing all sentient beings on planet Earth at the same time, to strengthen the accumulated benefits of the joint-intention. And, we all benefit energetically from the fullness of the moon, regardless of the exact day.

We are One, World Healing event schedule

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