Earth Day: I want…

Earth Day 2011.

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I am inviting you all to join our monthly world healing initiative, and so give EARTH A HAND!.

By doing monthly world healing, you will make a major significant impact, directly & indirectly.

So what happens when you meditate once a month for 1 hour on world healing? What do you think will happen?*

Will YOU change? You bet ya! You will refuse that plastic bag in the supermarket (‘NO THANK YOU’), and FINALLY get around to put 12 empty grocery bags in the bag of your car, and even a tiny bag in your regular handbag, for when you might need one. You will read the labels in the supermarket and keep empty jar containers for when you happen to pass by that perhaps far-away ‘refill store’ to get biodegradable soap of all kinds.

You’ll speak up with kind and wise words to those around you just carelessly trash the planet, or who are violent to others. You will change the air around transforming the room & everyone’s mood after an argument took place.

You will participate in Earthday kind of local clean-ups, even when it rains. And as a subsequent you will feel like that park or beach you cleaned up has somehow become yours, so that next time you see it full of garbage again, you can’t resist the urge to pick it all up again so that it’s all cleaned up again, just a few minutes later.

You will think twice (and probably not buy it) when buying fruit and vegetables when they are packaged in non-recyclable materials. And tell the manager why you are not buying the bananas you need to make your banana bread, so that he gets it clear in his head that packaging fruit is not a good idea, after all.

You will travel less by plane and take a more soulful and more local vacation that will have a much smaller footprint on the planet.

You will donate money to the poor and simply help the sick and needy. You will perform random acts of kindness to strangers. You will reach out to those in need, in whatever way unimaginable. Funny how people around you need healing and help in ways that are ‘inconvenient’ to you. But you will just give them what they need.

And next time you are aware that politicians are about to make a decision that would harm nature, you will write them that letter to make them feel comfortable in making green choices for the world at large.

And you may not even be consciously aware of this, but because you are doing all this, you have become a role model to others, to become just like you. And as such, you’ve become a link in the chain that can tilt the world, for good.

Even if you’d do just one of these things as a result of monthly meditation on healed planet, you are on the way to the divine land of hope and transformation towards love.

Please join us in our monthly WE ARE ONE WORLD HEALING meditation / distant reiki group. If you are a reiki practitioners, send reiki to Mother Earth. If you are just like any of us, simply MEDITATE WITH US on a healed planet & a healed humanity.


* I am not talking about the healing energy and physical manifestation that results from group meditation and/or reiki healing. Just stating the most basic, obvious & likely shift that will occur everyone of us, once we start looking at the bright side of life.