Earth Day Reminder

This is just a quick reminder that tomorrow, Saturday March 28, will be Earth Day again.


Not that I think that it is that important that you for only 1 hour a year become conscious of your impact on the planet. I am reminding you because I hope /wish that that one hour will make you reflect sufficiently to make a change for good each day of the year, or time you are on the planet.


Last year, I wrote an article on 10 things you could do on Earth Day, to enliven your participation to it, and to help build consciousness of our required care for our environment: .


376536_hand_and_globesherrie smith As well, if you like to do something more frequently, that is of a healing nature for both yourself, Earth and all of us here on it, then please join We Are One World Healing.  The details of which are all on this blog here. Click on the button in the top navigation bar or simply start here:



Let’s stop playing with it.

Let’s start caring for it.