Distant Healing Benefits & Works — part 2

Continuation of A Lee’s article, part 1:

  • On an emotional level, Reiki helps heal hurt, allowing the person to view personal relationships from an empowering perspective. It can make you aware of relationships and situations which are toxic. It can brings harmful patterns of thinking to your consciousness for healing. Reiki can help combat smoking, eating, shopping and chemical addictions. As Reiki reduces anxiety, it enables positive choices of action. It can be a complimentary depression treatment.
  • Reiki healing can help in a range of home and business situations. For example, when a person does not feel comfortable in a new residence, as old energy needs to be removed from the space. Another example is when energy blocks to success or prosperity must be removed. It works well if send to a corporate team or department when it needs to function with greater productivity; or when it needs to harmonize with newly introduced systems and policies.
  • Last but not least, Reiki treatment, when enjoyed as a preventative measure, reduces stress and revitalizes body and soul. It loosens blocked energy which would eventually cause disease. Reiki automatically goes where it’s most needed to help you heal on a physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual level. Beyond this, it can be sent to help specific problems that you are aware of, and want to resolve.

    The benefits of distant Reiki and in-person Reiki treatment are essentially identical. Distant treatment has the advantage of being sent to remote locations and to situations where Reiki practitioners could not or should not be physically present, such as a court hearing. Distant Reiki works as well as in-person healing treatment, and you can receive it in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you choose.

    Preparation for Receiving Distant Reiki

    Ideally, you have given your Reiki Master has a recent photo, your name plus your physical location.

    It’s nice if you can meditate while receiving Distant Reiki. You may lay on bed or sit quietly. You will probably be aware of the energy through your body, and thoughts for your healing might come to mind. However, awareness and meditation is not a prerequisite for Reiki to succeed.

    If you can not meditate at the agreed time, just go about your life while the Reiki healing is being sent to you. The distant healing treatment will arrive no matter what you are doing, and you will receive its benefits.

    Distant Reiki Works
    You only need to give permission and be open to receiving the distance healing for the healing to work. You don’t even need to believe in Reiki for it to work.

    What it feels like to receive distant healing treatment

    You may feel heat, tingling, coldness and/or have visual experiences during your distant healing session. All are normal. If you felt nothing, or if you fell asleep, it does not mean the treatment was unsuccessful. Rather, if nothing is felt that may mean that the healing energy was working on some issues other than physical, namely the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies as directed by your soul.

    Distant Reiki Client Testimonial

    If you are skeptical about Distant Reiki, consider the following. It is from one of many letters I recently received over the years. It’s written by a client who received a 4-week distant Reiki package, given in the evening.

    “… I wanted to … let you know how happy and impressed I am with the work you’ve been doing with me. I have discovered and experienced many interesting responses to your treatments.

    The first treatment I received was to help with my migraines which have been defeating me for several years now. During our first remote treatment, I experienced the most unique response, while attempting to relax and receive your energy, I felt a cooling and tingling sensation from head to toe, and was actually able to slip into a restful sleep.

    Over the next several treatments, I again experienced physical reactions that I can only connect to your treatments. I found I had ‘jello legs’ because I was feeling so relaxed at times and a new found clarity within my emotions.

    “I truly enjoy your openness to discuss your (clairaudient) messages with me and to help me explore my personal struggles. I have begun to feel an inner peacefulness that is quite rare due to my extremely challenging life, both personal and work-related.

    I have not experienced another migraine since beginning work with you and I really can’t thank you enough for helping relieve the pain. I look forward to continuing your treatments and thank you again for all your help. I highly recommend you and am happy to express my satisfaction to any of your clients.”

    This is just one of many testimonials of distance healing recipients relating to the issues this person had. Your issues are no doubt unique to you.

    You can find more TESTIMONIALS on my Reiki Credentials page.

    Interested in Distant Healing?

    Use my Distant Healing application on my website, www.TherapeuticReiki.com Newcomers to Reiki may wish to start with a single treatment, and then get the distant Reiki week package.

    If you have some questions first, contact Reiki Master A. Lee directly at Info@TherapeuticReiki.com .

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