Crystal Meditation

Meditation improves your quality of life, even when done for just 10 minutes a day. Physically, it can lower your heart rate, your blood pressure and your cholesterol. Mentally, it helps you learn faster and remember what you’ve learned over a longer time. Emotionally, it makes you calmer, more positive, or put differently, dissolving worries and fears. Preventively, it makes you less prone to infection and illness and wow, it can even make you look and feel younger.

How to Use Crystals for Meditation

Crystal Meditation is meditation using crystals.

Step 1. Intuitively Select a Gemstone from your Collection.
The word ‘intuitively’ is important because by instinct we know which crystal holds the energy we most need to work with. (Often after I pick a rock instinctively, and after my meditation session, I research the healing powers of that particular gem and learn that yes, the qualities that pertain to the gemstone are perfectly related to what is going on in my life.)

Step 2. Befriend the Crystal.
Get to know the crystal. Feel its shape and weight. Observe its colors, shapes, angles and sparkles. Then, close your eyes.

Step 3. Visualize
Repeat the examination of step 2, now with your eyes closed. Visualize the crystal in your mind.

Step 4. Be Receptive
Now be receptive to any impressions you get from the crystal. Depending on how your intuition is developed, you may hear messages, see images or receive feelings or sense otherwise in your mind. Emotions and smells can come out of nowhere.

Step 5. Learn & Grow

While you are enjoying the process, consider the messages contained in the impressions. Make it your intention to have the messages be there for your healing.

Favorite Crystals for Crystal Meditation

A. As said above, the best crystal is the one you intuitively picked.

B. Alternatively, you may wish to work with particular chakras. In this case, choose a rock that best resognate with the particular chakra. Often the color of the crystal corresponds to the color of the chakra. State your intention of focus, and then again, let your intuition find the rock for you.

C. If no crystal says ‘pick me, pick me’, consider clear quartz and make it your intention that this crystal is a proxi for the stone that you need, but that’s not in your collection.

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