Aka Cords: Detach Others & Claim Your Energy Back

Aka cords. Akin/associated to: Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual.

I first stumbled upon the term ‘aka cord’ when giving a Reiki treatment for a very experienced and knowledgeable healer. At one point during the treatment, I felt the urge to symbolically ‘cut-off’ an attachment to a specific person for her. Symbolically, I held the attachment in my hand as a cord. With my imaginary sword I cut it off, and freed her from the connection. She sighed and an energetic shift occurred within her. It was amazing to see the physical changes. Once I pulled the cords, we could move on with our Reiki treatment. Afterwards, she explained to me that what I intuitively had done was cutting off an ‘aka cord’.

You may wonder, as I did then, “What is an aka cord ?”

The insights of aka cords come from the sacred Huna teachings from Hawai. In these teachings, ‘aka’ is described as a sticky, elastic connecting substance, which conducts vital force and thought forms over its threads and cords. (Yes, thoughts are also connected. Each thought is linked by an aka thread to the thought threads that came before it. This explains our association of ideas.)

Aka threads and cords connect you to everyone & everything. Every time you contact a person or object, you are sending out aka threads. Each contact with the same person/thing adds a thread till these become braided together into an aka cord. When you have a strong aka cord connection with someone, you communicate telepathically, as well as in person or by phone.

The aka threads of attraction are stronger between people, as we are usually more attached to people rather than things. However, I can also see aka threads between me and my favorite slippers, and the connection to my aunt via the little statue she once gave me that now features in my home.

People are usually unconscious of aka cord formations. The cords are a normal connection between family, friends and lovers to exchange empathy, love and information. With most other people, these threads/cords are flimsy and fade quickly.

Why manage Aka cords

The aka cords can become negative attachments which drain your energy. Even aka cords amongst loving family members. For example, you can imagine the ‘drain’ from a mother who wants a son to go to graduate school doing accounting, while he knows inside himself that he must pursue a music career.

For professionals (eg Reiki practitioners) who do healing energy work for others, knowing how to manage aka cords is important. Clients may want to continue to draw energy from you after the session is over. This can be draining for the professional energy working. In addition, it can be ‘addictive’ for clients.

Anybody in my Reiki healing energy classes knows that I insist that after every session they first close the aura of the client and ‘lock in’ the Reiki healing energy in their client. Subsequently, they are to sweep their own aura and cut off all connections to the person they just worked on. Taking it one step further, when the client has left, I want them to wash their hands under cold water to further purify their own body. This way, clients don’t continue to draw energy through the aka cord.

Beyond this, when I after a client treatment find myself thinking about this client more than once, I do the ritual of cutting our aka cord again. It is not fair to myself nor other clients to have a continuous drain leading to someone else.

And last but not least, about once a month or so, I conduct an overall aka cutting ritual.

How to manage Aka cords, overall

In the Huna teachings, you first ask to be shown the beneficial cords. You send love, gratitude and blessings down these cords. Then, you ask to be shown ones that do no longer serve you. You cut these.

You can manage your own aka threads once you’ve first become aware of them. If you work with angels, you could ask your guardian angel to do it for you.

Sometimes, I cut all aka cords, knowing that the important ones (e.g. with my loved ones and family) will reestablish themselves. This simple ritual is particularly useful when I feel tired or drained and I can’t seem to figure out why I feel drained. The ritual results in an immediate shift whereby I feel much lighter.


Whether you choose to detach aka cords one by one as they materialize, or if you prefer to conduct a more rigorous aka cord cutting ritual from time to time, it is important to maintain only those that serve you.

© Astrid Lee, Reiki Master Teacher & Reiki Distance Healing Therapist, TherapeuticReiki.com,

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