Change Your Way to Climate Change

Changes in Earth’s Climate Caused by Human Choices

We have long heard that we should change our way to minimize our disasterous impact on nature. And we know we must remedy previously-done harm. Yes, this warning still stands.

However, have you ever given it a consideration how you must change your ways as a result of the climate change that is now ‘a fact’ due to a century or so of environmental abuse? Some current and future aspects of climate change have become unavoidable and we will have to change our ways to cope with this. Are you ready? Do you even know the facts about Climate Change….. *

Plan Your Life with Climate Change In Mind

So let me ask you: how will your business be affected over the next few years, and over the coming decades and how are you planning to manage this?

Change Where, When & How You Work

For example, as water levels are on the rise, is your business located in a place where you feet won’t get wet, or are you living in the lower levels of the San Francisco Bay Area? What are you planning to do?

Will you be able to afford the night shift when major blackouts are on the rise, and electricity costs may rise? How can you be pro-active and change tack before the wind is gushing in the opposite direction?

global warming

Change Your Marketing

Basic marketing resources are affected by climate change and associated natural stresses. Availability and prices of basic raw materials such as rising paper pulp prices and the reliability of electricity will change. How are you going to promote your business in the future? Planting trees in your back yard may not be enough…

How can you be more energy efficient and pragmatic, setting yourself up to be both green and effective in the future scenario?

Innovation & New Product / Service Development

‘Change is opportunity’ I learned in my MBA. OK. Let’s see how we could make the world a better place through global warming. What will be possible now that was not possible before? How can you serve your customers better/makes their lives better, considering the facts of global warming?

If your business is in an industry that is related to temperature, how can you help your clients in the future better, given a situation of climate change?

Here’s a list of the Top 100 Effects of Global Warming. Take a look. Pick one effect. Think it through for what that means for you. Make a plan. Take action. Talk a look again. Pick another effect. Etc.

Today, on Blog Action Day, there are 7000 blogs participating in raising awareness that we can not be frogs in a boiling pot. We HAVE TO JUMP off the bandwagon we’ve been on, and come to alternative action to change for good, given climate change.

Let our hearts change our minds,
and our behavior change our legacy for future generations.

~ A. Lee, One World Healing

* Further Reading

For more information on climate change, here are two excellent resources:
1. The Rough Guide to Climate Change
2. The World Without Us

To find the other ‘000s of blogs who are writing on climate change on/before October 15, visit .

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