Cecilia Eusepi Beatification Photos

As promised I would take photos of the beatification of Cecilia Eusepi today,, to share the event and this holy experience with you.


(The video of the beatification mass will be posted tomorrow or the day after.)

Nepi on the Day of Beatification

nepi blessed cecilia eusepi

Entrance into the old town of Nepi (VT)


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Corner cafes at the entrance of the old town of Nepi are a fun place to cool down with gelato.

The Beatification Mass
for Cecilia Eusepi

beatification mass nepi

An entire pavilion was filled with clergy who participated in the mass.

beatification ceciliaeusepi


The piazza outside the old city walls was declared a cathedral and holy ground, and a mass for thousands of people was held there by cardinal Angelo Amato..

beatification 1000s in mass

The city walls of Nepi offer an exquisite backdrop for the mass. And note the Nepisini enthusiastically waving the honorary scarves.


beatification scarf cecilia

This was an excellently organized event; best I have ever attended to in my three years here in Italy. ; People were requested to be here hours ahead of time, so that the event actually could start on time.. Seats were were allocated in blocks depending on town of origin. Participation was free, however tickets were given upon exchange of names and phone numbers.

Everyone received a goodie bag, which contained several high-quality souvenirs, but also useful items, such as a sun hat (it was a heat wave today), a sun scarf featuring Cecilia, and a mass book. Water was handed out free through out the mass and during the few hours before.

Security was everywhere but not ‘in your face’. Someone had taken extra care to safely cover all cables or fix uneven pavements, so that none would fall over anything. Etc. Cecilia (and her spiritual team) would have helped with the arrangements no doubt!


beatification nepi aquaduct


Rows of nuns and monks came from far and away to be present at this blessed moment. BTW. In the distance you can see the ancient Roman aquaduct of Nepi.



nepi cecilia beatification

For the event, a choir and orchestra was attracted from Rome / Civita Castellana.


Individuals in Nepi Celebrate Cecilia’s Beatification.

cecilia eusepi beatification decoration

I could not help but photographing this personal balcony by a Nepi resident in honor of Cecilia Eusepi.  Beautiful!


Inspired Art of Cecilia Eusepi

blessed cecilia eusepi

Cecilia also inspired artists to make lovely artwork in her honor.  This oil painting on canvas measures 60×60 cm and is for sale for E300.  A similar painting is donated to the Duomo, the main church in Nepi. If you are interested in purchasing this original artwork, email me, and I’ll bring you in contact with the artist.



Beatification Video or TV

There were several TV cameras, so I expect one should be able to find a TV broadcast of the ceremony.  However, we also video taped the entire mass and plan to post the video online tomorrow or Wednesday.