10 Steps to Gain Inner Peace – Wayne Dyer

I came across two very interesting videos that I enjoyed listening to. They feature Wayne Dyer’s talk at a conference at Tyson, Arizona, on the “10 Symptoms of Inner Peace”, that were handed down to him.

This is a genuine food-for-the-soul article. Grow and enjoy!

10 Steps to Gaining Inner Peace

The symptoms go hand in hand with each other. As you’ll grow and learn, you will find that they are one and the same.

1. Tendency to act spontaneously, less planned.

2. Ability to enjoy each moment.

3. A loss of interest in judging other people.

If you address people you don’t know with a title of respect,
you learn to wee the unfolding of the Divine within anyone.
Then judgment becomes impossible.

4. A disinterest in explaining the behavior of others.
Affirm to yourself: ‘I am allowed.’

5. A decision to give conflict a ‘pass’
How: Don’t let the other person know

6. You’ll stop watching the news & stop reading tabloids — sources of negativity & conflict.

7. Loss of the ability to ‘worry’. Don’t ‘worry’ about things you have no control over.
No need to worry about things to worry about things you have control over, because you have control over it.
Voila. Worry problems solved.

8. Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation & contented feelings of connectedness with people & nature. Connectedness means knowing ‘we are all one’.

9. Frequent ‘attacks’ of smiling. Cheerfulness is one of the qualities of spirituality

10. An increased susceptibility to the love provided by others, and an uncontrollable urge to love others.

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